Motive Robotic Kit

Educational programmable Learning Robot.

Robots are great motivational tools for kids to learn computational thinking and programming. It provides a gateway into the world of STEAM for students from primary up to secondary level. With the features available on our Motive robot, even university students and hobbyists of all ages could benefit from endless possibilities to thinker and invent.

From controlling Motive remotely, programming unique tasks and complete design challenges, it makes learning fun and allows for a practical based STEAM education.

Motive unique two board construction allows for it to be used as the “brain” for instrumentation based prototypes and the availability of WIFI, Bluetooth and Wireless RF socket enables IR4.0 based solution.

Motive Robotic kit includes:

  • Microcontroller ATMega2560 (Arduino MEGA Compatible)
  • 12 Built-In LEDs
  • RGB Built-In LED
  • OLED Graphical Display
  • Humidity & Temperature Sensor
  • 5 Ways Joystick Keypad
  • MP3 Player
  • MicroSD Card Reader
  • 2 Pushbuttons
  • Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver
  • Light Sensor
  • Buzzer
  • Real Time Clock
  • Motor & Sensor Connector
  • 2 Micro Geared DC Motor
  • 5 Infra-Red Sensor (Line Tracking)
  • XBEE/ WIFI/ Bluetooth Socket
  • Serial Mode Switch
  • Ultrasonic Socket
  • Digital I/O & Analog Input Pins
  • Audio Output Jack
  • DC Input Jack